Becoming One of Us

Public administration in a modern and pluralistic society like Hong Kong calls for professional administrators who possess broad perspectives, cross-disciplinary skills and rich experience in formulating policies that are in the overall public interest and meet the changing aspirations of the society. Administrative Officers are multi-disciplined professional administrators tasked to play this important role in the HKSAR Government.

Vision and Mission

Our Visions are
Safeguard public interest
Foster the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong
Our Missions are
To serve the community with commitment and integrity
To provide strong leadership in public administration by assisting in the formulation of Government policies
Co-ordination and monitoring of the implementation of programmes
Management of the use of public resources in an efficient and effective manner

Roles and Duties

AOs take up different positions in bureaux and departments, as well as district, Mainland and overseas offices in the Government at regular intervals. Through regular rotation of jobs, AOs receive wide exposure and acquire expertise in different policy areas, as well as develop multi-skills and accumulate rich experience in public administration. Not only are they required to possess a good understanding of their respective policy areas, they should also be alert and sensitive in listening to the views of different stakeholders and members of the public so that they are able to approach policy work with the overall public interest in mind. In formulating policies that contribute to the long-term development and benefits of Hong Kong, AOs also work closely with members of professional grades both within and outside the Government (such as various regulatory authorities and statutory bodies).

Junior AOs in their first three years of service will normally take up two different positions in the Government.