What You Need to Know

What is JRE

The JRE aims to assess candidates' analytical and written communication abilities. The examination lasts for three hours. Candidates should complete the two questions in the examination.

Sample Questions

The format of the two questions are depicted in the following

Question 1

Question 1 is a task set against a case background. Candidates can draw on materials from the case background when attempting the task. Candidates are expected to provide practical and innovative solutions on the basis of good understanding and independent analysis of the issues presented in the question. Mere reproduction of background materials indiscriminately in content and language will not earn any marks.

Based on the case background provided, candidates should complete the task question in English. Below is a sample task question:

You work in the Ministry of Welfare of the Government of the City of Jade. You have been tasked to draft an internal discussion paper on the provision of mental health services, in which you should

  1. set out two major problems facing the setting up of integrated centres for mental health and explain the implication of the identified issues; and
  2. recommend feasible measures to address the major problems identified.

Please draft the paper in English

Question 2

Question 2 is a question on a specific social or policy issue in Hong Kong. Candidates should answer this question with their own views and provide justifications for their stance.

Based on the brief background information provided, candidates should complete the task question in Chinese. Below is a sample task question: