What You Need to Know

Common Recruitment Examination

The CRE consists of three 45-minute papers in multiple-choice format

Use of English

Assessing proficiency in English

Use of Chinese

Assessing proficiency in Chinese

Aptitude Test

Assessing reasoning ability
Basic Law and National Security Law Test

Basic Law and National Security Law Test

The BLNST is a 30-minute bilingual paper (in both English and Chinese) comprising 20 multiple-choice questions. Answering at least 10 out of 20 questions correct will be deemed to have a pass result in the BLNST.

All applicants for civil service jobs will be assessed on their knowledge of the Basic Law and the National Security Law. A pass result in the BLNST is an entry requirement for civil service jobs requiring degree/professional qualifications. Only those candidates who have passed the BLNST will be considered for appointment.

CRE & BLNST Format

For more information, please refer to CSB Website.